As I backed up my photos from my time in Romania I figured out that I had taken 27,979 pictures. Although I’ve shared favorite photos a number of times I have more favorites. So, here are the final favorite photos from the year. Enjoy!

St Michael’s Church, Cluj

train station in Lupeni

street in Sighisoara

Turda salt mine -water line

cherries for sale at a roadside stand


cat + pigeons in Brasov

view from the train window

confirmation of a friend

Along the Transfagarasan Road

rainbow from my apartment balcony

Transit of Venus morning

Turda Gorge

St. Michael’s Church, Cluj

apple juice on a blue bench

Orthodox calendar, Straja, near Lupeni

Vizilo! (hippo = water horse in Hungarian)

All Saint’s Day, Cluj

Langosi You know it’s a good day when you utter the phrase: I think I got Finetti on my toe.


One response to “27,979

  1. I have just finished reading your blog about the Romanian adventure. I stumbled on it by pure chance (was looking for enclosed balconies) and at first I thought this was a hoax, because what stranger would not cringe when faced with the twisted Romanian ways? Never ever have I encountered an outsider who would treat my country with such an open mind, a sense of humor, a great eye for the beautiful and no judgmental prejudice! Thank you, I hope that you will be surrounded by wonderful people wherever your life takes you!

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