Last Visit to Lupeni

looking toward the Jiu valley

Before leaving Romania I made a visit to Lupeni, in the Jiu valley, where New Horizon’s began. (for the uninitiated, here’s the link to New Horizons website: take a look at the links to the right for posts on how I’m connected to them)

We saw the IMPACT building, where the youth clubs in the area sometimes meet, and went up on the mountain to visit the ropes course, where they were doing training for Viata leaders. The Viata kids came this week!

Fulbright friends

The trip allowed for a visit to Petrosani, where a fellow Fulbrighter was also finishing her Fulbright year.

Hunyad Castle

We also stopped at the Hunyad Castle in Hunedoara. Of all the castle’s I have seen in Romania this one is probably the most quentessential ‘castle.’

Lupeni is where my relationship with Romanian began. It seemed fitting I would spend part of my last week in Romania there. When I arrived in Romania for the first time I never could have predicted where my journey would take me. Seven years ago I would have been surprised if you told me I would be enjoying the hospitality of New Horizon’s staff in an apartment within view of my host family’s place after having spent 10 months living in Romania. What a wonderful and blessed journey it has been!


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