I never thought…

Adventure is worthwhile in itself. Amelia Earhart

Living here has led to a number of adventures. Some were fun, some were difficult, some could only be described as surreal. Here’s a list of at least some of the things I have done that I never thought I would do.

I never thought I would…

Give a one-eyed Romanian street cat a parasite pill.

Eat Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant in Cluj Romania.

Get a residence permit in a foreign country.

Bring a Russian refrigerator back to the store from whence it came, in a taxi.

Witness some kind of illegal deal take place between 3 men that quickly broke up when they saw my travel companion taking a picture. She was actually trying to take a picture of the old woman holding a chicken standing next to them. (Oh Laura, the adventures we have had!)

Buy a Dracula mug. I made it my mission to buy the tackiest one I could find. It was hard to choose just one.

Be able to think in celcius. Sort of.

Ride backward down a snow-covered Romanian street in a sled with a companion.

Buy a vacuum cleaner in a foreign country.

Explore a deserted medieval castle.

Dance barefoot in a 100 year old Romanian peasant costume.

Drive on the Transfagarasan Road.


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