Transit of Venus at the Cluj Observatory

Despite cloud cover early in the morning, the enthusiasm of a friend who loves astronomy brought me to the Cluj observatory at 6 am.

For about an hour the clouds teased us, slowly clearing with the possibility we might yet see the transit of Venus across the sun. We joined a small group of similarly crazy enthusiastic people by the telescopes on the observatory roof.


About a half hour before the transit would be done, the clouds finally cleared!

upper telescope

The sun with the tiny dot of Venus crossing over

sun glasses






We could see Venus through the upper telescope and on a screen with the other telescope.


We looked directly at the sun using Daniela’s sun glasses from a sun eclipse 13 years ago. I was impressed she both kept the glasses and knew where they were. I told you she was enthusiastic.


Yes, it was just a small dot, but when I think about what I was seeing and the fact that no one alive will likely see it again, it was pretty neat.


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