Gustatory Adventures Limonada

I thought of doing a post including more juice sampling ( or talking about the things I would miss when I leave Romania (, but the more I reflected on it the more I realized the lemonade here deserves its very own post. Yes, it’s that good.

Its selling points.

First: It’s an already good thing made better.
I like lemonade. I order it in U.S. restaurants and make it from frozen or a mix at home. But other than stuff I’ve made at home from real lemons nothing compares to the great stuff here. It’s not too tart, not too sweet. It’s just really good.

Limonada simpla

Second: You can get it in different flavors.
The limonada simpla is just straight lemonade. Limonada de portocale includes oranges/orange juice. Limonada cu menta is a personal favorite. Lemonade with mint/mint leaves.

Third: It often comes in these cool little pitchers.
Don’t know why that makes me smile, but it does. My picture shows a single serving. If you and a friend both want lemonade you can get a big pitcher and a couple glasses.

Fourth: It’s often cold.
That may not mean much to many of you but in a country where I’ve been served Coke that was bordering on being hot (rather than just warm, like usual) this is a big selling point for me. The limonada I ordered last night was full of ice.

I don’t know that the country would ever use their great lemonade as a tourism slogan, but they should.
Come to Romania. Drink lemonade!


One response to “Gustatory Adventures Limonada

  1. Oh so wish I had some right now.

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