The Task of Democracy

Post-May Day celebrations I am back to writing.

Today I’ve been enjoying reading some of John Dewey’s work. Here are a few of my favorite quotations.

“The democratic faith in human equality is belief that every human being, independent of the quantity or range of his personal endowment, has the right to equal opportunity with every other person for development of whatever gifts he has”

“…democracy as a way of life is controlled by personal faith in personal day-by-day working together with others. Democracy is the belief that even when needs and ends or consequences are different for each individual, the habit of amicable cooperation…is itself a pricelss addition to life.”

“For every way of life that fails in its democracy limits the contacts, the exchanges, the communications, and the interactions by which experience is steadied while it is also enlarged and enriched. The task of this release and enrichment is one that has to be carried on day by day. Since it is one that can have no end till experience itself comes to an end, the task of democracy is forever that of creation of a freer and more humane experience in which all share and to which all contribute.”

Dewey, J. (1939). Creative democracy—the task before us. In J. A. Boydston (Ed.) John Dewey, the later works (14th Ed.) (pp. 224-230). Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.


One response to “The Task of Democracy

  1. John Dewey! Isn’t he a godless secular humanist… 🙂
    How are you Jennie? It’s been a while since I posted something on your blog (I have a suspicion my previous comments may have never made it through to you…did they?). Anyway, when will you be returning stateside? It will be good to have you back in OC and at NWC. Blessings on your final months, weeks, days abroad…


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