Packages: Wonderfully Ridiculous

Receiving packages in a foreign country is simultaneously utterly ridiculous and the most wonderful thing in the world.

If you’ve ever sent a package abroad you know how incredibly expensive it is. What is contained in the package is usually worth far less than the postage. A package I receive is filled with silly things like Goldfish crackers or chocolate chips. What a ridiculous thing to spend $20 or more to send.

But they are also the most wonderful thing in the world. Getting a package is like Christmas, your birthday, and a really great hug from home all at once. And those Goldfish crackers are invaluable when one craves something from home and resides in a country where they do not exist. I love, love, love what is inside.

But perhaps even more than that I am touched that those who love me made the ridiculous decision to send me something. I have yet to get a package and not end up crying happy tears at some point because a little piece of home ended up on my Romanian kitchen table.

Thank you –you wacky, wonderful people for caring enough to do the ridiculous.


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