Beauty Amongst the Ugliness

I was riding bus 48 through the Mărăşti traffic circle to check out the Kaufland (grocery store) mentally writing this blog post. The Ugliest Spot in Cluj was to be the title.

There are many beautiful spots in Cluj, I wrote in my mind. Piata Unirii is probably my favorite, or will be until the botanical gardens become beautiful again with spring flowers.

The Mărăşti traffic circle is not one of those lovely spots. I would dub this spot the ugliest in Cluj. The traffic circle is surrounded by tall concrete buildings that might warm the Communist heart for their uniformity and efficiency but they do not warm mine.

I will admit that if I need something I can probably find it here. If I want to do banking with almost any bank in Romania, I think there’s a branch here. It’s easy to get here by quite a number of busses. But it’s ugly.

And then, sitting in my seat in bus 48, I noticed the woman across the aisle from me crossing herself. You get that a lot here. The devout Orthodox cross themselves when they pass a church. So I looked around for the church. And I saw this tiny but beautiful Orthodox church, dwarfed by the buildings around it.

Romania often surprises me in that way. Not the ugliness part–Romania is anything but ugly. Romania keeps catching me off guard. I think I’ve figured it out. I think I know what is happening or what to expect and then I come across something unexpected.


One response to “Beauty Amongst the Ugliness

  1. I suspect that if we pay attention we can often find beauty amongst the ugliness. We just need to pay attention. Thanks for finding it there! It is a lovely little church.

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