People here wear the most wonderful hats. When I head back to the states I just might throw out everything else and fill my suicase with hats. The older men and women have the best hats, but no matter their age, during the winter almost everyone sported a hat. As spring comes, I shall be sad to see them go.

a bus full of great hats

our Bucovina guide shopping for a new hat, a picture for Laura's collection


5 responses to “Hats

  1. They probably know something that we don’t know – and should!

  2. Bring me one!!! I love my bright pink one from Breckenridge, but one from Romania would be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I bet josh would love a gentlemanly but hip hat or two, but they’re the kind that are way less easy to pack in a suitcase!

    he loves the one we bought in at the hat shop in york- classic! but we struggled to pack those home.

  4. Jennie…any kind! You pick…surprise me!!!

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