Signs of Belgium

I love signs. Here are a few of my favorites from Belgium.

tow zone

quiet and don't even think about your cell phone?

No eating things in cones

be quiet while you are not stepping on the grass

zone for bikes and...bikes?

Don't fall over the... button?






































I have not really noticed a lot of bad translation signs in Romania, but was quite amused by the translations in Belgium.

Outside the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges:

Sure you would like to preserve the peaceful character of this basilica. So kindly help us by not disturbing it with noise and by keeping a worthy and reflected attitude.

This one was in the women’s bathroom:

Glad they are addressing what was likely an unpleasant problem. Glad to know their "sewer system is forseen for it"

Another Fulbrighter captured this one:

If their floor is delicious, I can only imagine what the rest of the food tastes like.


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