Gustatory Adventures Belgian Edition

I have eaten well over the past week and a half. Belgium has good food.

waffle with strawberries, sugar, and 2, mostly useless, tiny forks



Of course, I sampled the waffles.

waffle with banana and chocolate

waffles in the vending machine: chocolate covered or plain









You know you are in Belgium when even the vending machine has waffles for sale.





hot chocolate: like drinking a melted chocolate bar





I had chocolate in both liquid and solid form.






Two soups in one bowl. Fancy!

Fantastic dessert served to us at the Court of Justice







The lunches at the conference were delightful. We often began with a salad or soup, followed by a tasty main dish, and then dessert. Kept me full all afternoon and into the evening.

could you make a bad choice?

Sadly this meant I was rarely up for the lovely pastries that could be found everywhere.

We were also plied with various beverages, though, odd for us Americans, we were often served wine but refused water. At SHAPE my 3 glasses were filled with champagne, Coke, and water. Good beverage day.

beverages with lunch

I discovered a new favorite beverage: carbonated blood orange juice.

carbonated blood orange juice

sign telling us no food on the bus

Another ‘you know you’re in Belgium when…’ moment: the sign on the bus saying no food allowed includes a picture of frites in the little cone papers in which they are served. When the bus driver pointed it out 2 of my companions were holding cones of frites.


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