Not sure what this is for, but I found it amusing anyway.

Brussels has many sights for tourists. For me the most impressive was the Grand Place.

Town Hall

The town hall, with its 300-foot-tall tower is probably the most impressive on the Grand Place, though, depending on your tastes a turn in any direction might put you face-to-face with a building you like better.

King's House

along the Grand Place

Guild Halls on the Grand Place





Manneken Pis

the crowd



Not far from the Grand Place is the symbol of Brussels’ love of the good life and the irreverence with which they approach the world, Mannekin-Pis.

The statue is tiny and, to my mind, kind of odd as a symbol of your city but the crowds that come to see the little boy are pretty entertaining to watch.








Galeries Royales St. Hubert

I enjoyed wandering through the Galeries Royal St. Hubert, the oldest, still-operating shopping mall in Europe.



There are many beautiful churches in Brussels too. I believe my favorite is Notre-Dame du Sablon Church, with lovely stained glass windows.

Notre-Dame du Sablon

Stained Glass and Altar





I had limited museum time, so I used it in the Museum of Musical instruments. Partly because I like music and partly because the building was so beautiful.


And, of course, no visit to Belgium would be complete without:





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  1. Simply delightful!

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