As part of the conference on the E.U. we visited Bruges. Bruges is a delightful city, a tourist destination for good reason.

Steeple of the Church of Our Lady



The steeple seen in the first picture is to the Church of Our Lady. The Church contains the only Michelangelo sculpture to leave Italy during his lifetime.

old hospital building, now a museum





Near the church is the Memling Museum. The building was a hospital from the middle ages until the 1970s.

Market Square



The middle of town boasts a Market Square, dominated by a bell tower.

Bell Tower on Market Square

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Inside the Basilica











Close by, Berg Square has the Basilica of the Holy Blood (the building in the corner with the gold statues). Derrick of Alsace brought back some of Christ’s blood preserved by some Christians in Jerusalem from the crusades and it is housed here.



Instructions for tanning

Down a few alleys and around a corner or two is the Huidevettersplein, a small square which used to be home to the skinners and tanners of Bruges. If you ignore what used to happen here and don’t imagine the smell it must have produced, it is a lovely place. If you desire to bring back the tradition of tanning, there are instructions on one of the buildings.





Just when you have had enough of the touristy places, one spot to be quiet and reflect is the Begijnhofs. Women dedicated themselves to piety and service and lived in these buildings. The daffodils were getting close to blooming while we were there.

Even without seeing the major ‘sights’ of Bruges, the city rewards with quaint and picturesque lanes and canals.

In case you are wondering it’s Bruges in French and English (don’t pronounce that S!) and Brugge in Flemish.


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