My Traffic Circle

My brother-in-law is a traffic engineer. Because of this my whole family looks out for interesting traffic patterns and knows terminology such as SPUI (for the uninitiated: Matt, this one’s for you!

When I moved into this neighborhood the traffic circle down the street was a type I had never seen before. It actually took me some time just standing on the curb watching to figure it out. Traffic on the main street (Titulescu) went right through the middle of the traffic circle.

picture of my traffic circle from Google Maps

This means that if you wanted to turn left from Titulescu you would need to veer right, pass the side street, wait for the traffic coming straight through and those veering right coming from Titulescu the other direction, and, finally, turn on the side street you wanted.

my traffic circle

In the picture above the white car is going straight on Titulescu. The gray car is waiting for the white car so it can continue its journey around the circle.

I am glad I did not encounter this for the first time while driving. I was confused watching the traffic as a pedestrian.

The jackhammering started in November. They took out the straight through lane of the traffic cicle and now it’s just an ordinary circle. Much less confusing, I think, for most drivers, though I do feel a little bad for the big trucks that now have to go around the circle rather than barreling right through.

traffic circle

Matt, I was going to take a video of the traffic going through to show you but…I apparently missed that opportunity.


3 responses to “My Traffic Circle

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Jen! I actually lectured about intersections and interchanges for about two hours this morning to a bunch of engineers who LOVE having class at 7:30am! In case anyone out there doesn’t know how to drive a roundabout, follow this link (yes, I ended class with this video this morning)!

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