100th Post

The Simpsons will be airing its 500th episode on Sunday (23 seasons on the air!).

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway show with 10001 performances (at least if Wikipedia is to be believed).

Lord and Taylor is the oldest department store chain the U.S., having been around for 186 years.

I can’t claim a record for longevity approaching these, but I am proud to report that this is my 100th post.

I never thought I would be a blogger. Both my sisters had blogs well before me. My older sister began one so we could keep up on the activities of the kids from far away. My little sister started a blog because she and her husband had the wild and crazy plan to quit their jobs in New York and travel. My life was always way too boring to blog about. In another few months it will be boring again and I will retire from blogging, satisfied to have made a contribution to clutter traffic on the internet.

So, for this post I thought I’d let you non-bloggers in on a few of the behind-the-scenes aspects of blogging on WordPress.

For the first 60 or so posts WordPress would provide me with a message saying something like: This is your 26th post! Groovy! They changed the word each time and by about the 12th post I wished I had written down the words to use on future student papers. At some point they either changed their whole program or decided that I was a serious blogger and instead told me the number of the post and provided a quotation from a famous writer. They also started giving me goals. Apparently my goal is to post in multiples of 5. My last post, my 99th, said I had one more to go to reach my (?) goal of 100.

WordPress also uses this time to scold me for not using tags on my posts. Since I figured only my friends and family would want to read this and I’m not attempting to make any money by blogging I ignore the suggestions. To anyone who is frustrated by my lack of tags, I apologize. But it is unlikely to change.

I can also get statistics for my blog. I average around 30 to 50 readers per day and have 23 followers (thanks guys!).  Considering I only thought my friends and family would check this thing out, I’m pretty happy about that number. Either that or my mom checks the blog a lot (thanks mom!).

Besides deleting spam, which is usually pretty funny, my favorite thing to do is check out what search terms were used to find my blog. Two of the most popular are Oradea and Kurtos Kalacs. Evidence, I believe, that there aren’t a lot of other sites out there that mention these. My favorite search term: something odd but delightful. I think I might take that as the motto for my life.

Thanks, readers, for joining in my Romanian adventures. I’ve been having a wonderful time sharing.  Hopefully you’ve had a good time reading.


6 responses to “100th Post

  1. Jen,

    Did we ever tell you about the search items people used to find our blog? In particular, we had someone (or multiple someones) who found our blog by looking at ‘toliets in asia’ (or something like that) and then it would go to our post about bedrooms/bathrooms…

    Weird… and fun.

    • You did have a great blog post or two on toilets! Nothing like southeast asia for interesting toilets and toilet pictures. My favorite sign is still the one that told people not to squat on the seat of the western toilet.

  2. And you will all recall that part of the reason that there was any blogging at all about toilets in Asia is because this mom asked politely for a blog and pictures of the kind of places they were staying in – which of course included bathing and toileting facilities. See how listening to your mother is still a good idea? 🙂

  3. Did some one for real-ly find your blog by searching for “something odd but delightful”? Wow, that’s fantastic.

    And yes, mom, that post was for you!

  4. I don’t know how because I tried it and wasn’t able to, but it was on the list so I guess it worked!
    I just love that phrase. I really do think it shoudl be my motto for life.

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