Back in July when I was learning Romanain vocabulary words I ran across the word pufos in my Romanian-English dictionary. It made me laugh. Pufos is the word for fluffy. Somehow the word seems absolutely perfect for what it describes. As I noted in July, I couldn’t think of a time when this word would come in handy, but I learned it for the sheer joy of it. (https://romanianreflections.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/language-learning/)

I must eat those words. Actually, I am literally eating that word.

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, on bought myself a box of chocolates. It wasn’t until I got them back to my apartment and was eating one that I really studied the box. I looked at the box and…once again the word pufos made me laugh. The middle of the chocolate is a soft white substance–it is fluffy! Yummy too.


I like this life lesson: learn something for the sheer joy of learning it and some day it may help you as you eat chocolate.


One response to “Pufos!

  1. A little alliteration seems needed here. Perfect pufos! 🙂

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