Where’s the dog?

While taking a hike this week with a Fulbright friend (see previous post) we were followed by a neighborhood dog.

look for this dog

For those of you looking for a time wasting activity I propose a game. Find the dog in each of the photos below. Sometimes it will be easy to find him, at other times a bit more of a challenge. I included one photo where the dog does not appear. In a few days I’ll write in the comments which picture is the ‘tricky’ picture, unless one of you beat me to it. One hint: If you click on a photo it will open up in a larger size.

1 we'll start off with an easy one...









10 at one point the dog's adventures landed him in a hard spot

11 the dog is rescued from his untenable position



14 Where's the dog?







4 responses to “Where’s the dog?

  1. It’s like a series of beautiful black and white picture. I especially love no.9. with layers after layers of texture. love it so much.

    Oh the dog isn’t in no.16 .
    am i right? 😉

  2. I embraced the challenge of dog finding prior to heading for lunch. I found a dog in every picture except . . . . I’m not sure I want to state on the post since others need to enjoy the fun.

    Thanks for the fun wintry pictures. Looks like the hike was beautiful. I love those kinds of snows. There’s always an unusual “snow quiet” sound that accompanies deep snow falls. Do you know what I mean?

    Wishing you were here to pop out to lunch with me!

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