Gustatory Adventures 4th Edition

Kurtos kalacs booth

cooked over hot coals

Some of the outdoor markets here (particularly the touristy ones) offer a variety of foods for sale. One treat I’ve found I like entirely too much are called kurtos kalacs, known in English as chimney cake.

These are made of bread dough coiled around a large dowel and baked over hot coals and sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. They do vary in quality-which seems directly connected to age and the ability of the seller to speak English (older woman who speaks no English = great kurtos kalacs). These are pretty big and best shared with a friend.

finished kurtos kalacs

hot kurtos kalacs for sale

our half-eaten kurtos kalacs


One response to “Gustatory Adventures 4th Edition

  1. any chance you brought some of those home? Looks yummy!

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