Goodbye to my suitcase

Please join me in mourning the end of my dearly beloved, much used and abused Samsonite suitcase.

my much loved suitcase

I received this suitcase from my parents at some point in graduate school (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and it has made many a trip with me, rolling along behind me, taking any abuse I might give it. Sadly, it received a fatal zipper injury and can no longer be trusted to keep my stuff inside and other stuff out.

my new travel companion

Happily, the Iulius mall near me boasts a Samsonite store. I believe in good luggage. You don’t need the aggrivation of a misbehaving bag while traveling.
Despite its zipper failure, the handle of my Samsonite works beautifully and the suitcase still rolls well. I believe in the brand. So, today a new suitcase entered my life. I hope for many years of happy travel with my new companion.

Thank you, dear old suitcase, for your years of work with me. I shall miss you.
New suitcase, welcome to the traveling family!


3 responses to “Goodbye to my suitcase

  1. Yes, a good suitcase is indeed a wonderful companion. Mine lost one of its zipper pulls last trip, but I am sticking with it yet, since the zipper still works. It’s just hard to get open and closed. I morn the coming day of its demise.

    Happy travels this Christmas!

    • My zipper failure invovled the teeth pulling away from the zipper backing. Never seen a zipper come apart like that before and it’s pretty impossible to do anything about. Poor suitcase. One too many trips with a little too much inside.

  2. that looks just like our little suitcase- I love it! although it’s kinda small. yours might be bigger, but the pockets look exactly the same.

    I thought samsonite guarenteed everything?

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