Guest Lecture

Last night I did a guest lecture at an Advanced Research methods class. I talked about a study I did with students at my institution, focusing on our methodology. I used the kinds of techniques I do when teaching at home. I presented the research problem and asked the students to describe how they would design a study to address that problem. I then presented our actual methodology and results and we discussed what they meant.

I was warned at Fulbright orientation and by others that Romanian students are not used to interactive teaching and can be reticent to participate. That wasn’t true of this group. They were engaged and readily presented their ideas. In the end we had a really fun conversation. So, thanks students for making this forray into a Romanian classroom a delight. I greatly enjoyed myself.

some random building, not the building I taught in

I was hoping to present a picture of the building, since I knew just writing about teaching was likely to be boring. I was teaching at 6pm, so I went the day before to find the building. I had been warned it was tucked away behind some buildings and hard to find in the dark.  I found the building pictured here behind a block of apartments at the appropriate address and took a picture so I could post it. I found out on Monday that this was not actually the building. The building I was teaching in is actually behind this one. Almost impossible to find based on the address. I don’t know how students ever find anything around here. Perhaps that’s what it takes to graduate–if you can find the classrooms you are smart enough for the degree.


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