St. Nicholas Day

Fresco telling the story of St. Nicholas, Voronet Monastery

December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. This feast day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. Here in Romania the tradition is to put cleaned and polished shoes out on a windowsill or by the door on the night of December 5.

things for sale by the bus stop near me

Overnight St. Nicholas comes and places presents inside. Presents might be chocolates or other sweets, nuts, oranges, or small gifts.

buying a twig on the street corner

For children who have been bad or need to be reminded to do better a twig with gold, silver, or bronze is left.

One Romanian told me that these sticks are most often placed in shoes along with candy to acknowledge that the child has done some naughty things over the year.

Spray painted twigs were in abundance in Cluj on December 5. And business was brisk.




gifts from St. Nicholas

I put my hiking boot on the windowsill in the kitchen last night, with hopes St. Nicholas would visit. I didn’t polish it because, well, it is a hiking boot. Nonetheless, my boot had an orange, chocolate, and a painted twig in it come morning. Thanks St. Nicholas!

Not sure of the reason behind these, for sale next to the twigs. But they were pretty.




The children and adults named Nicholas, or some derivative, also celebrate their name day on December 6. As far as I can tell here in Cluj your name day is like another birthday, with cake and celebration. Popular name days also get church services in the Orthodox churches. The Orthodox church near me is madly pealing its bell this morning.

I think these Romanians have a good idea going. Birthdays and name days! St. Nicholas Day and Christmas! Bring on the celebrations.


6 responses to “St. Nicholas Day

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  2. Looks like you should find out if there is a Jennifer day so we can celebrate it along with your birthday. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Wiersma

    My shoes were both by the door…I got nothing!!!! When is Elizabeth day?? I like the two celebration days;)

    • I guess it only works in Romania! The name day for Elizabeth is Nov. 19 (according to the internet). Sorry you missed it this year. Mine is December 18, so I expect lots of gifts when I get home for Christmas.

  4. Elizabeth Wiersma

    Wonderful…I have next year to look forward to it! Don’t forget. What is funny is that is 1 day past my half birthday….how crazy is that!

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