Visits and Visitors

The end of October and the month of November brought many visitors.

My first visitor was a surprise. My elementary school music teacher and childhood daycare provider found out I was in Romania. They currently live in Budapest. This is an odd connection already but then… They let me know that the daughter of the pastor of the church my family attended during childhood was comming to Cluj for a conference. Humming the song “It’s a Small World Afterall” I invited her to stay with me. What an odd connection! But it was a delightful visit.

My next visitor started with a conversation at a family party. My cousin came to visit!  Amy and I attended camp together as children and we spend many a family party chatting about life, so it was a real treat to be able to travel with her for a week.

The Northwestern and Gordon College Romania Study Abroad students came to Cluj for a visit. It was delighful to arrive in Piata Unirii Square and find a group of people I know! They invited me to join them for Indian food at Indigo. If you’re looking for Indian food in Cluj-Indigo is a good choice. If you can find a group of American students it will be a dinner full of laughter and fun stories.

Mid-November brought a visit, rather than a visitor. Along with a Fulbrighter from Petrosani and her husband, my Cluj Fulbright buddy and I traveled up to Suceava to see the painted monastaries of Bucovina. While there we had dinner with Laura, one of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants. This isn’t the greatest picture but we did have a lovely time talking about our adventures in Romania thus far.

At Thanksgiving




For Thanksgiving my parents came for a visit! We joined the English Speakers in Cluj group ( for an American Thanksgiving meal at the Marty Restaurant.

Thanksgiving at Marty

I joined my parents on their trip to Budapest and got to see that elementary school music teacher and child care provider I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I also got to wander around the lovely sights of Budapest and enjoy the Christmas market.

Meeting up in Budapest

It has been an eventful month. Thanks to everyone who visited! Thanks to those who received me as a visitor or traveled with me! Friends and family, I’d be happy to host you in this lovely country. Do visit!


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  1. Those look like such great gatherings!

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