Gustatory Adventures: Chocolate Chip Cookies

There be many pickled things in this country ( but they really don’t know much about chocolate chip cookies.

At home I am known as a good cookie baker. But here I believe I may have disgraced myself.

My first challenge: cookie sheet

I went to the hypermarket to get a cookies sheet and found my one option to be tiny. As it was my only option, I went with it. At least the price was proportional to the size.

My second challenge: brown sugar

There is no such thing as brown sugar here. Well, there is, but it’s not really brown sugar. More like white sugar that has a slight tan tint to it. And trust me, it does not act like real brown sugar.

My third challenge: chocolate chips

Chocolate chips do not exist here. I broke up chocolate bars to create ‘chips.’

My fourth challenge: a tempermental oven

Given all of these challenges I guess I should not be surprised at the result. They may not look pretty but they actually taste pretty good.

my attempt at chocolate chip cookies


3 responses to “Gustatory Adventures: Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. OK, they look GREAT to me. But then I love gooey Choco-chip cookies. And we certainly have a paucity of good chocolate-chip cookies in the department . . .

  2. How could they be bad? They have chocolate in them. I am sure this brought back memories of the chocolate chip cookies we made when we were in Germany with the family in 1990. At that time we did not even have a recipe – and no internet, either.

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