For Dad

This blog post is for my dad, he’s a farmer. I guess the rest of you can read it too. It’s based on my limited knowledge of agriculture and my observations, most from a moving train. I’m sure I have a lot of what’s going on wrong. Sorry. If you’re my dad you’ll forgive my ignorance and since this is meant for him the rest of you will have to forgive me too.

Iowa corn field before I left

Dear Dad,
I haven’t been able to give you any Iowa farm reports, so here’s my farm report from Romania.

On the train these past couple weeks I’ve been watching the corn harvest.


the standing corn is dry

the corn stalks are gathered in bunches

sometimes the sheaves are in the farm yard, sometimes they are in the field

The corn stalks are cut down and the stalks gathered into sheaves. The corn comes off at some point here and at least a portion of it ends up in corn cribs on farms. Sorry about the bad picture of corn cribs. They are hard to get from a moving train.

corn crib









This is what’s left when everything is out.

empty corn field

burning the fields






At some point there is fire. Not sure how or why. It’s also difficult to get a picture of it. So here’s a slightly blurry picture of the fire. And another of someone doing some burning.

some of the fields look like they've been plowed/disked after everything has been harvested

Hay is also being harvested. I have seen it being stored in a variety of ways.

round hay bales

square haystack

round haystacks

The largest haystack I saw. This one had a blanket to keep it warm and dry!

Round haystacks seem to be most common. They are my favorite.

For good measure, here are a few tractor pictures. I saw one John Deere (no picture), but most were of a manufacturer I could not identify.



3 responses to “For Dad

  1. Thank you, Jennie. Your mother gives me a hard time when I take pictures of fields, equipment, storage facilities, and even weeds. Some day I will put together a presentation titled “When a farmer goes on vacation. .” Having another source of pictures will take a little heat off from me. I enjoyed your pictures and think you are correct in your comments. Tractor brands you should recognize would be John Deere (green), International Harvester (older red), and Massey Ferguson (red). Brands made in Europe would be Belaruse, Same, Fiat, Deutz, etc.
    Love, Dad

    • I have a lot more pictures, Dad, so I’d be happy to add them to your farming photo collection. I did see a Universal brand tractor the other day–never heard of that before. I wondered if some of the older tractors might be Russian made.

  2. I’ve been away and I come back to candlelit graves, spiderman, and tractors? I love the haystacks and how often do we get to use the word sheaves in a sentence? Three cheers for Romania!

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