Daylight Saving Time and Summer Time

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

Albert Einstein.


Time is odd. Because we all agree it is noon it is, therefore, noon. At no time is this tendency for what we agree on to be ‘truth’ more evident than when we change time in the fall and spring.

The Daylight Saving Time/Standard Time change occurs in the U.S. on the 2nd Sunday in March and the 1st Sunday in November.

Europeans have a different, quite delightful, name for what is called Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. Here it’s known as Summer Time.

In both systems we fall back and gain an hour in the fall and spring forward, losing an hour, in the spring.

Why? Because we all agree it is so, so it is.

Because of the timing of this falling back, the time difference betweeen me and my friends in the U.S. briefly contracts and then expans again.

Summer Time is comming to an end this Sunday at 1am Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time). Since I am in the Eastern European time zone (Universal Time +3 hours) this will happen for me at 4am. This ‘all at the same time’ time change is different than in the U.S. where we change within time zones.

Since I arrived in Romania, when it’s noon in Romania it’s 4am for my friends in Iowa and 5am for my family in Michigan.
As of Sunday, when it’s noon in Romania it will be 5 am for my friends in Iowa and 6am for my family in Michigan
When the time change comes to the U.S. November 6 noon in Romania will go back to being 4am in Iowa and 5 am in Michigan.

If you’re trying to figure out the time of an event somewhere here’s a helpful website:


2 responses to “Daylight Saving Time and Summer Time

  1. Are you just trying to confuse us? Who thought up this crazy event anyway. It is lovely to have it get lighter in the morning, but I really don’t like the way we have to pay for it in the evening. Alas, the only way to solve the problem is to move closer to the equator. When I have been in such locations it always surprises me that it gets light at 7 AM and dark at 7 PM – and it’s warm outside! In Michigan when it is warm outside it gets light at 6 AM and dark about 10 PM. Time really is an odd thing…

    • I wrote the blog post because writing it out was the only way I could figure out how the time change actually changed the difference between here and there. I also wondered who thought up the idea–and why, on both sides of the ocean, we all agreed to do it! But we do, so it must be a pretty good idea. Time is weird.

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