Fortified Saxon Churches

Near Sighişoara are a number of fortified churches. The churches were built by the German population invited to settle in Romania by a Hungarian king back in the 1100s.  The churches were built when the Turks were threatening the settlements in the 15th and 16th centuries. The invitation of a Hungarian king resulting in German churches in Romania seems odd to me, but the result is beautiful.

I saw two of these lovely churches.

The Church at Mălâncrav
The church at Mălâncrav is at the top of a hill and is famous for its beautiful frescos dating from 1375 to 1405.

stairs up to the church

the caretaker with the keys for the church walls

church inside the walls


The Church at Biertan
The church on Biertan is a 15th century church. It is surrounded by 2 1/2 walls (or 3 walls, depending on whose claim you’re reading and how you count them).

Viennese-style altar in the Biertan church









One interesting feature of the church at Biertan is the lock to the sacristy door. The lock combines 19 locks in one and is a pretty amazing sight to see.

sacristy lock

19 locks in one


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