Trip to Oradea

Train in Oradea


Near the border with Hungary, along the Crisul Repede River, is the city of Oradea. Laura, my fellow Cluj Fulbrighter, and I took a short trip to Oradea.

Pedestrian street in Oradea



We spent a beautiful day seeing the sights of Oradea. We walked down the pedestrian street, stopped at the theater, and then snapped some pictures before continuing across the river to see the town hall, the square (Piata Unirii) containing a statue of Mihai Vieteazul (Michael the Brave).

Oradea Town Hall

Statue of Mihai Viteazul and Library

On the other side of the square was the Orthodox Moon Church. It has an unusual mechanism that shows the phases of the moon. Take a look at the picture, about half way up, for the round ball showing the current position of the moon.

Orthodox Moon Church

Lunar Mechanism






We continued our adventures by wandering through the Vulturul Negru Shopping Center and then to the Oradea Citadel.

Vultrul Negru entrance with stained glass


And, of course, there was a chocolate pretzel.


One response to “Trip to Oradea

  1. Looks like a lovely trip. Those old buildings sure have character!

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