Turda Salt Mine

path into the salt mine

Not far from Cluj is the town of Turda. One of Turda’s attractions is a salt mine. For 15 lei one can go into the salt mine and spend some time.

The trip into the salt mine begins with a long tunnel. You don’t go down, you go straight in.

One can go into an echo chamber with more echoes than I have ever heard. You can also visit a chamber showing the mining equipment used when the mine was in operation. All of this I expected from a visit to a mine. What came next was surprising. Down two flights of stairs we found an elevator and a long set of stairs.

elevator and stairs to the bottom of the large chamber

The elevator took us down into a large chamber that contained, somewhat inexplicably, a ferris wheel (middle of picture below), a collection of children’s playground toys (left/middle), a mini-golf course (top left), a set of bowling lanes (top left), several pool tables (hidden behind ferris wheel), a number of ping-pong tables (bottom left), and a small amphitheater (bottom right).
ping pong tables-bottom left, ampitheater-bottom right, ferris wheel-middle, mini-golf/bowling-top left
Another short elevator ride takes one to a small lake where you can rent boats and row around a central platform, reached from a bridge.

Pond with boats in the salt mine

To get a sense of scale, the picture below was taken from within the chamber with boats, looking back toward the large chamber. The entrance to the large chamber cna be seen in the large picture above, top right corner of the picture.

Entrance from boating chamber to main chamber. Note the person at the rail.

the walls of the salt mine were incredibly beautiful

Standing above the large chamber


2 responses to “Turda Salt Mine

  1. That is simply amazing! The salt mine we were in in Austria was not anything like this. Ferris wheel? Boat rentals? Who knew??

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