October 6 and 7 found me in Bucharest, enjoying continued warm weather and the wonderful hospitality of the Romanian Fulbright Commission.
These two days in October were Fulbright orientation for American Fulbright grantees. There are 6 of us in the core program–faculty members at U.S. colleges or universities–with 2 more comming at mid-year. In the group were also 7 Fulbright students teaching (5) or doing research (2).

Day one involved many briefings—from the state of the Romanian economy and politics, to health, to the Fulbright program itself. These briefings were punctuated by coffee breaks—breaks we seemed to have trouble leaving as we chatted and got to know one another.

Day two put us on a bus and took us to Sinaia. We visited Peles castle. I highly recommend the Peles castle. Ignore the fact that it’s actually a palace built between 1875 and 1914. It’s a building out of a fairytale! The inside is perhaps more ornate than the outside, with gorgeous wood carving and a variety of decorating styles.

After the castle we went up to Azuga For lunch. First we learned about their wine making process, were offered three samples to taste, and then proceeded in to a wonderful meal at a long table.

I, along with a couple headed to Subiu, was dropped off at the train station to continue north while the rest of the group went back to Bucharest.


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