Jet lag and Watermelons

I hate jet lag. It seems worst, this time, between midnight and 2am. For several nights I went to bed around 10pm, went to sleep fairly quickly, and woke up at midnight, tired but not sleepy. I was too tired to do anything but could not sleep. I would check after about 2 hours and find it was 2 am and I was awake.

I practiced Romanian vocabulary in my head—which may not be a good idea because I didn’t check if I was correct and may now have reinforced incorrect vocabulary.

I also made up cheers/songs about jet lag in my head. Here are two.

Cheer: I hate jet lag, yes I do, I hate jetlag how ‘bout you?

Song: To bed to bed you sleepy head
It’s time to toss and turn
Jet lag will keep you up
Though for sleep you yearn

OK, so not great, but what else are you supposed to do?

Watermelons have absolutely nothing to do with jet lag. I mentioned the mountains of watermelons in my last post, but didn’t have pictures. I walked to the grocery store today and took the camera this time. The mountains are somewhat reduced from this weekend, but still impressive.

the biggest pile of watermelons

hard to see, but there are actually 3 piles of watermelons under these tents


One response to “Jet lag and Watermelons

  1. That is A LOT of watermelons. I’m so glad you are landed and have some options for housing! yay!

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