Sights of the Day

Best sights of the day

road sign on a busy corner

Trabant! Most of the older cars I see here are Dacias or Skodas, but I found this Trabant today and it made me smile. If you don't know why, then you're probably not related to me.

and four sights not captured on film:
1) The woman whose attic apartment I looked at let me see her mother cat with 6 kittens. Tiny little balls of fluff.
2) The plate of raspberries the same woman fed me.
3) The live fish offered at the farmers market I wandered through. I wondered if they could get an accurate read on weight while the fish was flopping on the scale.
4) The mountains of watermelons for sale next to the Billa grocery store. Seriously, mountains.

Finally, here’s where I’m staying until I find an apartment.


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