Ode to My Luggage Scale

There are things in life that you don’t realize you needed until you have them.  My luggage scales falls into that category.

Oh how I love my luggage scale!

Last summer I transported 100 pounds of books, climbing gear, and marshmallows (thank goodness marshmallows are light!) to Romania. I packed it all in 2 large suitcases. To be sure I was not overweight before getting to the airport I held each large, unwieldy suitcase and stood on my bathroom scale and then subtracted my own weight from the total. I then repacked and stood on the scale again. And then repacked. And then weighed again. It worked but was an inefficient and tiring process.

This year I will be transporting my own gear to Romania but the packing process is blessedly different. I received a lovely little luggage scale for Christmas. It allows for much more efficient packing than last summer’s process.

Small and transportable it will be joining me on my journey to Romania. It took its maiden voyage earlier this summer to the Czech Republic. It allowed the summer study abroad students and me to pack souvenirs for our trip home and avoid being overweight when we got to the Prague airport.

my luggage scale

The title promises an ode to the luggage scale, so here it is:

Luggage Scale Haiku
Small, blue, and curved
You weigh my heavy luggage
Luggage charge? Not me!

In other packing news: I have also discovered the joy and trial of compression bags. I found these bags online and was delighted to find that they reduced bulky sweaters to much more manageable proportions. All would be well except that compressed sweaters that don’t take up much room are still heavy. Alas, I have more room in my large suitcase due to my compression bags but am overweight according to the airline if I pack it full. The trials and tribulations of packing!


One response to “Ode to My Luggage Scale

  1. Aw, that’s Barb’s doing! She suggested the gift… I am so pleased that it’s one of Those Things.

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