The 4th of July

Last summer I spent the 4th of July in Romania!

The Americans (and 1 Canadian) working with New Horizon’s summer Viata camp gathered at the Bates family home (Dana Bates is the Executive Director of New Horizons) and had a barbecue.

Briana testing the cake

Brandi and Briana Bates decorated a cake to look like an American flag and the Romanians who joined us requested we sing the national anthem. Odd, but I don’t think I’ve ever sung the national anthem on the 4th of July before.

Cutting our flag cake

The U.S. Independence Day holiday I spent in Romania was more fun than I have had on the 4th for a number of years. Two years ago I was painting my house and decided to keep going despite the holiday. On that day I had my one and only fall off a ladder. Fortunately it was a step-ladder and the bumps and bruises healed eventually.

the ladder did not survive the fall

The paint that went down with me is still on the porch ceiling.

On the 4th of July the year before I attempted to work on my tenure paper and the computer ate the paper. I lost about a week of edits.

This year I will not be standing on any ladders. I will not be doing any work. I think the safest thing may be to make a cake that looks like an American flag and sing The Star Spangled Banner.


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